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After researching through Internet pages and youtube; I have put together the following instructions to close my in-ground pool for winter. Would somebody be kind enough to review these instructions and provide suggestions? I have also attached layout of my pool, equipment/lines. I will be executing these instructions in a day or two-A Step-by-Step Guide to Close In-Ground Pool for the winter Tools/Chemicals ? Chlorine Tabs for the floaters, 2 gallon Anti-freeze, Algaecide, Shop vac (Craftsman 16 gallon, 6.5 HP), 2 gizmos, Pool cover, Pool water pump, 2 return plugs, 1 pool vacuum plug, Silicon pool lube, cover tool, Teflon tape. Step#1 ? Brush the sides and the shallow area. Step#2 ? Vacuum the pool properly. Step#3 ? Lower the water level by 12 inch from the Skimmer by backwashing and Rinsing (Shut off the skimmers and drain water through the main drain this way the debris sitting on the deeper side of the pool will be sucked in and thrown out of the pool). Step#4 ? Check the water chemistry and adjust if needed. Step#5 ? Remove skimmer baskets and vacuum fittings. Step#6 ? Blow water out of the lines - 1. Place filter in backwash position (this way extra debris etc will be blown out of the backwash line). 2. Hook the shop vac on the shallow side of the skimmer. You may see water coming out from the deeper skimmer which the shop vac is running. 3. Close the deep skimmer valve so that you can get the air in your system. Now that water should come out of the backwash line. 4. Change the multiport valve to recirculate (this way the air will be pushed into the pool rather than through the backwash line). Note recirculate means that the air is not going into the filter and it simply going into the pool through the multiport valve. While the air is moving you can change the multiport valve to re-circulate. 5. Blow (from skimmer) all lines, capping off one at a time. a.Vacuum port, install the plug and shut off that line. b.Pool returns, install the plug and shut off that line. 6. Deep skimmer ? Install the vacuum on the deep skimmer and blow the shallow skimmer lines. Install the vacuum on the shallow skimmer and blow the deep skimmer again. 6a. Install the gizmo on the deep skimmer. 7a. Blow until air comes out of the main drain 7b. Turn main drain off. 8. Open heater plugs, blow the line. 10. Open chlorinator plugs, blow the line. 11. Open pumps plug, blow the line. 12. Open leaf collector plugs, blow the line.?Step#7 ? Open the water directional port (physically) for return line, vacuum line and skimmers and pour antifreeze in them. Step#8 ? Pour antifreeze in the line from skimmers and install gizmo. Pour antifreeze around the gizmos as well. Make sure to put some teflon tape on the threaded mouth of the gizmo before installing. Place half filled (with water) in the skimmers. Step#9 ? Put multiport valve in winter/closed position. Step#10 ? Install pool cover (solid) using cover tool and place water pump with garden hose and power hooked to it. Place the 2 chlorine floaters in the pool attached to a string across the pool and put the setting to minimum. Step#11 ? Put silicon lube on the O-rings of the cover of a pump basket; and vacuum filter. Step#12 ? Remove the pressure gauge and store it in a shed or garage (where you can locate easily). Place all removed plugs in pump basket and close lid, so you can find them in the spring. Step#13 ? Open the filter, clean the grids and place back into the filter. Many thanks for your time and effort in advance- Regards, Sandeep Sood
Category: pool Post By: MARIE MITCHELL (Overland Park, KS), 02/21/2019

Welcome to TFP!!! Did you read the instructions in our Pool School? They are here:

- NICHOLAS COOPER (Dubuque, IA), 04/19/2019

Step#12: You are removing the pressure gauge to keep it from freezing so you want to store it indoors and not outside in the pump basket.

- MICHEAL GARRETT (Baldwin Park, CA), 04/16/2019

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