Forum Title: Another Closing Question...The Sand Filter
This will be the first time closing for me. I'll be using a Cyclone II Blower for this. I will be disconnecting the pump and blowing air directly into the PVC pipes. My plan is to bypass the sand filter by setting the valve to the re-circulate position prior to blowing the returns and the heater. My thinking on this is that it will lessen the possibility of blowing sand into the heater. My question is...Is this a legitimate concern? getting sand in the heater? Or would it be better to set the valve to Filter thereby including the filter in the loop while blowing the lines? Is there anything to be gained by blowing air into the filter? I HAD been under impression that leaving the air relief and drain caps open for a few days would be enough to drain ALL the water out of the filter.
Category: pool Post By: Sam Formisano (Durham, NC), 03/16/2019

Set the filter MPV to recirculate when blowing out lines. You only need to drain the filter by opening the valve/cap on the bottom of the filter itself and letting it drain completely. The filter will drain well once you put the MPV in the Winter position or in between two positions. I let my filter drain completely for several hours this way after or before blowing everything out, then put the cap back on. Even if there is a small amount of water in the bottom of the filter, it's below the laterals and will not cause any damage.

- DANA RIOS (Fort Collins, CO), 04/14/2019

Thank-you for that very clear explanation.

- EVELYN NGUYEN (Janesville, WI), 03/22/2019

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